Welcome! I’m Shea, a self-care and meditation coach who helps women foster more loving relationships with themselves through meditation and daily structured self-care practices. I believe in empowering women through self-love so they can truly enjoy life and be in their true power.

My philosophy is to feed and nourish all aspects of you – mind, body and soul. Using meditation and self-care tools, I teach women how to implement them into daily life so that they have impact and serve their needs.

My methodology is based on daily self-care, honor yourself everyday.  I provide group and one-on-one support for those who are ready to commit to their personal growth.

My mission is to show women how to implement meditation in their lives to manage daily stresses, maintain balance, and discover deeper relationships with themselves.  I had to deal with trauma early on in life and spent a good chunk of my adult life trying to heal my childhood wounds.  Only through meditation was I able to fully heal by nurturing the spirit. Meditation helped me to see attitudes and belief systems that were not supporting me, which in turn led to healing and release.

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Buddha Statue

“The mind is definitely something that can be transformed, and meditation is a means to transform it”

- 14th Dalai Lama



I started a daily meditation practice as a way of coping with the pressures of everyday life and it turned into an empowering journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and healing. 

I was feeling overwhelmed by my never-ending to-do list and spending my “quality” time yelling and being angry with my kids.  I couldn’t find joy in my daily life.  I found I was overreacting in many situations and that I was constantly operating from a place of stress and anxiousness.  This was further compounded with regret – regret for not showing up the way I wanted to. 

This changed when I started meditating daily.  The amazing thing was not only did it help me find balance in my day, but awareness started developing and I became more sensitive and more in tune with the present moment.  With this awareness, I was able to operate from a place of compassion and empathy.  I started being more mindful and my relationships were improving.  That’s when I realized mindfulness and awareness are by-products of meditation – what a beautiful surprise!

When I meditate daily, a better version of me shows up.  I am more patient.  I am more compassionate.  And I am a better wife and mother.  When I meditate I operate from a calmer place and that energy transfers to all aspects of my life.  I now go through my days with grace.  They are not always perfect and some days I still want a do-over, but I can say I have more days where I do better.  I have more days when I am happy with how I handled things.  And I get better results and outcomes in my interactions with a daily meditation practice.

Practice with me so you can manage your days with grace!



My life path was filled with challenges early on.  Most of my trauma happened in my early childhood and it has taken me the last 20 years to heal from it.  I can finally say, I accept all of myself.  I have learned to embrace my past instead of looking at it with shame. 

Today I see myself as whole and lovable.  I am no longer broken, damaged goods.  To be able to feel this truth in my soul is a freedom I cannot express in words.  Getting here took work.  A lot of work.  My search for peace started in my twenties and only in my forties can I say I have found this thing called Peace.

The search for peace and resolution started when a friend told me I was toxic and very difficult to be around.  I will always remember the day she told me this.  It was hurtful to hear but it gave me the needed push to look within for the source of my toxicity.  Anger. 

At the time, my anger seemed justified and maybe it was.  Trauma was all I knew: I had been through two women’s shelters with my mom by the time I was nine; I lost my mother to cancer when I was twelve; I was abused by my father; and I left home at the age of sixteen.  Other trials have followed since but those were the ones that had the deepest cuts.

I did one-on-one and group therapy, read countless self-help books, and wrote in journal after journal about my feelings and thoughts.  I then went back and did some more therapy.  It helped.  I worked through a lot of issues.  Working with an experienced therapist helped me get past the initial trauma.  It was a start to the healing process but there was more work to be done to find peace.  

I started feeling good about life and having a positive outlook.  I made progress – but peace still alluded me.  My newfound positive outlook on life was not sustainable. 

Whenever there was a stressful event I would find myself spiraling into negativity.  My automatic response to stress and trauma was to enter victim mode.  Poor me.  I see now that I was using old coping methods that were conditioned responses I developed in an unhealthy environment. 

Through meditation I became aware of my stress responses and I realized it was time to let them go.  I needed to create new stories and healthy ways of coping to support myself.  What served me before did not serve me anymore.  By becoming aware of my old patterns and going through a process of self-love and kindness, I was able to press Reset.

Mediation was something I used “as needed.”  I would meditate when I needed to shift my energy or when I was having trouble focusing.  But I started to practice it daily as a means of self-care: to start my day with the right mindset.

However what arose and transpired from a daily practice were profound.  The first was awareness, which is a necessary skill to making change in your life.  You cannot change what you do not know.  The other was acceptance. This took time and it required patience and self-nurturing to achieve. 

Awareness is a by-product of meditation.  It is a skill that arises from being still and giving in to silence.  The daily meditation practice helped me become aware of what was holding me back: what I was still holding onto did not serve me anymore. 

The key was to practise “seeing through the lens of no judgment” when I was judging myself and getting lost in what I could have done better.  I was missing the true lesson or truth that needed to come out.  When I removed judgment, I was able to see things from a different perspective.  This change in perspective allowed new information and insight to come to light for the situation.  Acceptance eventually followed.

Acceptance is like a dance.  There is a push-and-pull energy that goes back and forth, oscillating between emotions and thought.  When the energy aligns, acceptance emerges.  Acceptance takes time and patience.  It required me to be honest and to look within and, at times, that was uncomfortable. 

I realized the process of acceptance couldn’t be forced.  At times, acceptance seemed unattainable and I wanted to give up.  I learned the key is to observe, let the emotions pass through and allow time to be your friend.  For some situations, only with the passing of time and the hindsight of seeing how events unfolded was I able to come to acceptance. 

Acceptance is not easy.  It happens when you take responsibility.  It happens in the stillness. 

My story is not a sad one, at least not anymore.  I used to describe it as a sad childhood but that is not necessary.  My life path was supposed to be this way as it resulted in me being who I am today – I like who I am. 😊 I am discovering my purpose and that I have something to share with the world. 

My journey can be a torch: I can be a guide to those who are seeking to have a deeper relationship with oneself.  I want to help others realize that when you know yourself, you can do anything and change anything about yourself.

I am a testament that You can find Joy.  Peace does exist and it is attainable.  Having a relationship with yourself is the key.  I can support and guide you on getting a practice in place that will nurture your spirit.  


“Meditation is great if you use it right and go in with the right expectations.  Humans are powerful.  You are powerful.  Meditation is not more powerful than you.  You have the power and the ability to create the life you want to live.  Meditation can certainly help you do that – not because it will change your life for you, but because it will empower you to focus on the life you want to achieve.”




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